Configuration Tab


These parameters define the type of motor and how it is going to run.

Motor Type defines the type of motor. (Available options are: Servo, Phantom (virtual), Stepper)

Operation Mode allows you to specify what mode your drive is running in. (This will only work if the drive mode of operation is specified in the EtherCATNodeInfo.xml file)

Amp Disable Action executes when Drive/amplifier is disabled. Should almost always be set to "Command = Actual". This prevents position error from building up when the drive is disabled.


Configuration for position compensation when axes have significant backlash between the feedback device and the mechanical systems.

Width is used to set the total number of counts (centered at 0) that is added/subtracted by the compensator.

Rate is the rate in counts/second at which the backlash compensator adds/subtracts counts.


Scales the selected encoder by the Numerator/Denominator ratio.

Source select whether you would like your source to be a primary or secondary.

Numerator & Denominator used to calculate the ratio that will be set on your encoder.

Note: default is set to 0/0 which disables the feature. Setting the ratio 1/1 consumes more resources than if it were disabled